Looft Air Lighter

The Original Electric Firestarter

Lights your charcoal grill in 60 sec without lighter fluid

Starts in 60 seconds

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Looft Air Lighter 2 - Charcoal Starter
Looft Air Lighter 2 - Charcoal Starter
Looft Air Lighter I - Charcoal Starter
Looft Air Lighter I - Charcoal Starter

1400°F Electric Charcoal Starter

Point, press the button, and you’ll have a roaring fire in no time.

Grill, firepit or pizza oven

Charcoal, briquettes and logs. Whatever fuel you use, our electric firestarters does the trick.


With its user-friendly design, all you need to do is point and press the button to get a roaring fire in no time.


Ignite charcoal, briquettes or wood in seconds so you can save valuable time and enjoy grilling.


Avoid the mess of hazardous lighter fluid. Our Air Lighters ignites fires without residue, ensuring a clean and safe experience.


Air Lighter 2

Our strongest product ever See product

What others say

Scott Seymour

I have a Looft Air Lighter, quite simply the best money i have ever spent.

Davin Jessup

Whether you are barbequing or lightning a fire on a cold evening there is only one way to start and it's with the Looft Air Lighter.

Eric Erickson

This is just an outstanding fire starter.

Looft Air Lighter 1 - Charcoal Starter


Start and stoke charcoal - easy, quick and clean with superheated air in 60 seconds. No toxic and hazardous chemicals needed. 

  • 1300°F / 650°C
  • Lights in 60 seconds
  • All Electric
  • No refill needed
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lights all fuels such as charcoal, briquettes and logs

Why use an electric charcoal starter?



Weber kettle, kamado, smoker or pellet grill. Start any grill with a Looft Air Lighter.
Pizza Oven

Pizza Oven

Light raw wood with our electric charcoal starter. Perfect to bring your pizza oven to temperature.


Effortlessly start your firepit with a Looft Air Lighter.

Old vacuum cleaner + broken breadtoaster

Equals a revolutionary charcoal starter. Read how Richard Looft invented the Looft Air Lighter

CNN Underscored

"For ignition, we highly recommend skipping the old-school lighter fluid and using a Looft Lighter"

BBC Science Focus

"It's the only way we know of to heat a barbecue to cooking temperature in under five minutes"

Garden & Gun

"Even if it's Tuesday and you're in a rush after work, you can still get that amazing flavor in half the time"

Product Comparison

Product Air Lighter 1 Air Lighter 2
Max Temperature 1300°F / 650°C 1400°F/ 760°C
Superheated Air Only
Cordless --- ---
Auto Ignition Program ---
HyperBoostTM ---
Safety Switch ---
Replaceable Heat Shield ---
Brushless Motor ---
Charge Time --- ---
Cord Length 3 meter 3 meter

Dangers of lighter fluid

Flammable, explosive, toxic and the environmetal impact. Why do people use lighter fluid and what effects does it have?